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Small Business Marketing Tips

Establish Your Goals

Goals Are the First Step in Every Major and Minor Marketing Process   My mom used to say: “You’re going off half-cocked.” Most of the small businesses that I have worked with could use the same challenge. 

Any well-run effort should have a plan, and every serious plan starts with the goals. The goals answer the questions: 

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. What are the ultimate success metrics?
  3.  Why would consumers or businesses buy from me?
  4.  Am I passionate enough to do what needs to be done?  Read More

What Is My Niche?

Finding Your Niche, Big or Small Makes a Huge Difference in Today's Marketplace. 

The concept of business niche is so critical that I've placed it at  number 11 of of my 101 Marketing Secrets.  Let's start with a definition  of the term in general from   the role of a plant or animal within its community and habitat, which  determines its activities, relationships with other organisms, etc. As  to a business, it offers:  2.  a place or position suitable or  appropriate for a person or thing: to find one's niche in the business  world.  3.  a distinct segment of a market.

In each case, whether an animal, an individual, or a business, niche Read More

Customer Service = Profits

Amazing Customer Service and the Ultimate Question
What  do the following companies have in common?  Apple Retail Stores, In 'N Out Hamburgers, Trader Joe's, Costco, GoDaddy, and Constant  Contact?  

Whether retail or services, online or brick and mortar,  these companies are recognized by all who use them as having  extraordinary customer service.  Oh, and significantly, they are all  wildly successful and profitable right through the recession.  
In  30 years of writing business books, I have never included ......

Read More

Word Of Mouth

Referrals Beat Every Other Method as a Source for New Clients, and Excellent Quality Clients at That

I make my living helping small businesses figure out the best way to  increase sales.   My services are much more necessary for helping with  print, trade shows, packaging, new product development, blog, websites, videos, social media, and email than they are for the most effective tool in marketing for generating new business.  WOM - Word of Mouth.
I spend huge amounts of time convincing my clients to do the  very things that will increase referrals.  Read More

Raise Money Online

New Crowdfunding Sources Make Raising Money Easier

Do you have an idea that you believe could sell millions of units. The resources generally available until just this decade are listed below and I have done all of them, some of them multiple times or continuously:  

  • Credit Cards
  • Friends and family equity or loans
  • Borrowing against personal assets like your home  
  • Bank borrowing using personal guarantee, personal or  Read More

What About Luck?

9 Ways to Improve Your Luck in Small Business 

Never underestimate what the grand kids are picking up in a room full of  adults.  I can distinctly remember bridge nights at my Grandparent's  house.  At some point in the evening, someone would invariable comment  on my Poppy's "luck."  And while I'm not sure whether his reply was  forthcoming at that very moment or not, I did know his philosophy.  You make your own luck.

You see, he was lucky at bridge and poker because he counted cards and  studied the game.  He was a national doubles champion in bowling because  he was  Read More

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