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We Are Different

What makes us different in the ways we market your business? 

“Randy  has created a business of promoting small businesses using the  latest  social marketing and guerrilla marketing techniques. He is  creative and  easy to work with and he's got a great team.”  Steve Bowen 

Because every thing we do starts with the question:  What do YOU hope to accomplish?

We don't have a dog in this hunt.  We don't care if the best marketing solution for you is a website, YouTube video,  blog, Facebook, Yelp, Pay per click, outdoor advertising, trade show,  new location, better employees, or new product lines.  Everyone else who  calls on you will be selling THEIR SOLUTION, not necessarily what is   best for you.
We provide both the plan and the execution on 90% of everything  you might want to accomplish marketing-wise. Therefore we start with the   goal in mind, consider all the options, present you with a list of suggested approaches, and together we agree on a strategy.

Call today and we can talk it over. You get 45 minutes of free consultation. This conversation will provide you with immediate actionable steps you can take to increase sales and profits. Call now - 310-910-1848

Real Client Testimonials

Over 100 of our clients will be happy to say you can trust us with your marketing efforts.  

You see, we provide you with a public list of all the clients  we've ever worked with.  You may be shocked to know that sometimes our consulting relationships end.  But even those who are no longer working with us will give you an honest report on our results driven approach.  
Like this one:

I worked with Randy and his team for several years. They were instrumental in our online success and helped us bring in revenue and grow during our crucial start-up phase (and beyond). I specifically worked with them to increase our online presence in the local space, meaning if someone searched for our product or services, we would show up near the top of the search engine results, which got our phone ringing!  
Without Randy's help there is a very good chance we wouldn't have had those initial wins that kept us moving forward and helped propel us to the next level and then the next. After 6 years in business, we are still reaping the rewards of his team's efforts...one heck of an ROI if you ask me!  
I also wanted to mention that Randy has acted as a personal business  consultant and friend.  He's a seasoned businessman and truly has the  experience and depth of understanding needed to run a successful business.

About Randy Kirk

Serial Entrepreneur, n.  1.  Randy Kirk; 2.  An entrepreneur who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses.  After starting and running 12 successful businesses, I am now using the skills I picked up along the way to help other small business owners.  My goal is to help you reach your wildest dreams and ambitions in business.  If I can help you, call me. 310-910-1848


UCLA School of Law 

Juris Doctorate (J.D.),  Business, Trade, and Tax Law 

1970 – 1975   Also took classes at UCLA Anderson School of business during this time.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.),  Psychology 

1966 – 1970     Previous Experience

1981 – August 2007  (26 years) Greater Los Angeles Area - Company was founded to market a new bicycle accessory called Mr. Tuffy.  Began as virtual company and within three years became vertical with plastics manufacturing, silk screen printing, and packaging all produced in house. Eventually reached $5.5m in sales on 5 continents. Clients included Target, KMart, Walmart, Sears, Ralphs, CVS, US Army, Navy,  Marines, and wholesalers in several industries.  Specialty products division created products for virtually every company in the Fortune 500.   Company was sold in 2007.   My primary responsibilities were to run day-to-day operations, source funding, design and create new products, find resources for manufacturing and packaging. Also primarily responsible for determining  distirbution channels and hiring sales professionals and associates to reach those markets that we targeted.   

Recommendations For Randy

Outside the box Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses Online and Off 

Randy Kirk & Associates 

“Randy is always looking for the inside edge to boost your exposure to business traffic. He is a savvy internet guru that stays current on all of the Google trends which makes he and his group of associates a worthwhile investment that pays you back. I have seen him work on several businesses who have enjoyed the increased flow of opportunities as a result of his SEO, blog, social networking tools and general marketing endeavors.” April 26, 2011    Marcos Santa Ana, Architect, AIA, GC,  President, Alloi Inc.