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“Randy's efforts as my marketing director have been critical in raising  me above the mass of seemingly indistinguishable Mortgage Brokers to  become a top producer in one of the largest firms in Los Angeles.  Bill Raymond

We  Specialize in EVERGreen Marketing!  This has nothing to do with the  environment and everything to do with creating visibility for your  business that will last for years.  Read More about EVERGreen marketing here.

Marketing is best left to the professionals!

Have you ever wondered what your business might look like if you  could afford someone to take over the marketing so you could concentrate  on running the business and supplying the goods and services.  And yet  small business owners all over the world are spending countless hours  trying to understand SEO, SEM,  SERP, FB, SM, and countless other acronyms instead of making cakes,  selling bikes, providing legal services, or putting on braces.

Even when the finances are there to create a website, run a Adwords campaign, or create some YouTube videos, who do you hire?

Who can you trust?

"He is almost always available by phone and ready to discuss your ideas or concerns. He truly wants his clients to succeed and has their best  interest in mind.”  Monika Tarkowska-Carter

Over 100 of our clients will be happy to say you can trust us with your marketing efforts.

You see, we provide you with a public list of all the clients  we've ever worked with.  You may be shocked to know that sometimes our  consulting relationships end.  But even those who are no longer working  with us will give you an honest report on our results driven approach.

 What makes us different in the ways we market your business? 

“Randy has created a business of promoting small businesses using the latest social marketing and guerrilla marketing techniques. He is  creative and easy to work with and he's got a great team.”
Steve Bowen 

Because every thing we do starts with the question:  What do YOU hope to accomplish?

We don't have a dog in this hunt.  We don't care if the best marketing solution for you is a website, YouTube video, blog, Facebook, Yelp, Pay per click, outdoor advertising, trade show,  new location, better employees, or new product lines. Everyone else who  calls on you will be selling THEIR SOLUTION, not necessarily what is best for you.

We provide both the plan and the execution on 90% of everything you might want to accomplish marketing-wise.  Therefore we start with the goal in mind, consider all the options, present you with a list of suggested approaches, and together we agree on a strategy.

But what do we do most of the time for our small business clients?

70% is online.  30% is traditional offline.  Mortgage Brokers are not like Plumbers

There are no preconceived notions of how we will proceed on your case.  Most of our clients are very concerned about being on page #1 of Google and Google Places.  We have developed a major amount of expertise regarding Google Places.  However, we recently put on a $35,000 grand opening of a new location, purchased $2000 worth of grocery bags for a Nail Shop, and worked out a  deal for traditional print advertising in a magazine in the fitness business. We are currently working on creating Vlogs (Video Blogs) for 7  of our clients, and have created eight websites in the last 40 days.

Marketing Services

Every client is shocked by what we do in the first 120 days for $975 a month.  And notice, we don't hide our fees. 

Please understand that every client is different.  No two are even close  to the same.  However, there does tend to be a rather common thread for  some of what we do in the first 90 days.  Most folks want to be VERY  VISIBLE on the internet.

  1. Complete marketing analysis of your company includes history, current positioning, goals, competition, and keyword analysis.  
  2. Website reviewed for local search engine optimization with recommendations for changes in content. Back link work as necessary.
  3. Upload company profile to 3 directory aggregators, at least 200  local search engines and yellow page directories including mobile search  engines.
  4. Optimization of twelve most important local search engines and  directories including Google Places, Yahoo, Yelp, City Search, and  Yellow
  5. Help for you to get reviews from your customers and clients on the local search engines and directories. 
  6. Research into available industry directories applicable to your business.  Upload listing to all approved   directories.  
  7. Research into available micro directories in your geographic area.   Upload of listing on to all approved directories. Citations are a  specialty of ours.
  8. Set up account on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook business and  place page, and Linked In.  Automation of Twitter for followers.  
  9. Creation of Blogger Blog with a minimum of 8 postings over 120 days. 
  10. Automation of blogger such that all blog posts are automatically  headlined on Twitter, Facebook business (fan) page, and Linked In.
  11. Creation of up to 15 YouTube videos over 120 days.  The YouTube  videos will also be uploaded to the blog (which will automatically be  noticed in Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In), and may be embedded in the  your website.  
  12. A minimum of two press releases on, and two articles on
  13. Implementation of Anyalytics on your website, blog, Youtube video,  and press releases.  Evaluation of statistics.  
  14. Help with creation of email list and implementation of email blast campaign to customer list.  
  15. Minimum 20 hours of personal involvement of senior managment
  16. Minimum of 30 hours of staff time

Not enough?  We will also advise you with regard to traditional offline  approaches for print, trade show, bus bench, radio, mail, sales  training, hiring, product development, and more.

I recommend him to anyone in need of a marketing/seo/internet  consultant.  He is MUCH MORE than an SEO guy...this guy is the total  package!” Harris Gilbert 

Content Creation

Part-time VP of Marketing for Your Company

*Creating, Optimizing SEO, Managing, and Updating Internet Content

*Traditional Marketing of all types including Signage, Print, Radio, PR, and more

*Product Development, Distribution, Pricing, Packaging, launches 

Let's  start with Online Marketing.  When we create content on the media  platforms below, you will get the benefit for many YEARS!

  • Website development
  • Blogs and posts
  • YouTube videos
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Google+ page
  • Pinterest creation  

Unlike Adwords, Facebook ads, mailings, or print, you don't keep paying for the same content to reach the same audience month after month. This doesn't mean that there isn't a place for short term ads or promotions  in your marketing approach. It does mean that the greatest return on investment will come from these longer lasting media efforts.

Google Says that Unique, Relevant Content is King?  Should We Argue with Google?

 You will still receive plenty of phone calls, emails, and other solicitations suggesting that your road to greater sales and profits will come frombacklinks or other SEO techniques that are - well - so last week.  In the fast paced world of internet visibility, the black hat methods rarely last.  Content has always been king, and right at this moment, content is also queen, jack and 10.

We do the writing for you!

  • I am a published author of 8 business books and countless magazine articles.
  • I oversee all content created by our team of talented writers
  • You always have last say on what we do and don't publish
  • We have created over 2000 online videos for businesses
  • We have designed and done SEO for 100's of websites
  • We currently oversee 20+ blogs
  • We are experts in Google Places, Facebook, Google+,  and LinkedIn

Our goal is for our relationship with each client to feel as though we were in the office next door, ready to meet on any subject related to selling more and making more take home income. If that sounds like the kind of consultant you'd like to work with, call me now and let's discuss it. 

Randy Kirk 310-910-1848