Everything Is Marketing

We Build Amazing Websites

A website must tell your story and cause prospects to buy, but for those things to happen, your website must be searchable on Google. We do custom web development. Details

We Create Products &Packaging

We have created hundreds of products and packages, named countless products, and created entire new product categories. We can help you.

YouTube Production and Editing

You need a website. You should do email blasts. Social media is helpful. For most clients, YouTube is the engine that converts. We've done over 3000. Here's some.

Kickstarter and Crowdfunding

Check out the small print in the lower right hand. We raised $152,000 on this Kickstarter campaign. Online crowdfunding works. We can make it happen!

We Will Help You Write a Book

Nothing provides credibility like having a book about your business. And even presidents have those ghost written. We can make it happen.  Details

Social Media and Blogs

Every one of our clients has a blog and multiple social media channels. We have created well over 200 blogs and 100 Facebook pages. Here is one example.

We Do All Types of Marketing

Your Profit Is Marketing

We hope you will show us your financials. We will find things your accountants are not finding. More profits, faster growth.

We Love Turn Arounds

Nothing makes us happier than to be part of a turnaround. We've been fortunate to oversee several. Here are some case studies. 

Time for an Event or Tradeshow

We have done at least 250 trade shows and 50 grand openings or special weekends. What is your goal? We will get you the right traffic!

Print: Post Cards, Catalogs

We used to own an advertising agency. Huge experience in all aspects of print. Magazines, EDDM, brochures. See examples here.

Email Blasts to Your List

We help you build your list, then we craft emails that your customers and prospects will love to open. Ask us to send you samples.

What Are Your Goals?

We have clients who are start ups, growth machines, mature, in transition, and even in trouble. We are in the business of getting you to goal

Wait! There's More

Reputation Management (Yelp)

What is your Yelp score? How many stars on Google Maps? Do you have a horrible review? We can help with all reputations management issues

Google My Business (Maps)

If you want your phone to ring, be in the top three positions on Google My Business. It is even more important now because of mobile devices. 

Sales Management

Do you have a sales team. We will help you build, motivate and create compensation packages for your team. Don't make do with slackers on the sales team.

Customer Service

Studies show that the quality of your customer service relates specifically to your profits. We can help you improve customer service with incentives and motivational programs. 

New Distribution Channels

Your product or service probably works in other markets. Have you considered Amazon, eBay, or the local farmer's market. We can help you get your product into Amazon or Walmart.

Branding, Promo Products, More

We have over 20 years experience in advertising specialties and promotional products. We can help you sell to this market or buy items to promote your brand.

Marketing Touches Everything

Import Export

Through our own businesses and client businesses we have imported from three continents and exported to five. We know the benefits and the pitfalls. 

Sell on Amazon

We have helped build several Amazon businesses. It is not as easy as it looks. We know the methods that work. We will help from start to finish.

Create a Business Plan

Whether you are a startup or have been in business for 25 years, a business plan can be helpful to define direction, motivate staff, or raise funds. 

Employee Hiring and Motivation

The most frequent after hours call I receive from clients is: "A key employee quit," or "I need to fire this person, what do I do." We have solutions that work.

Public Relations/Press Releases

Over the past 40 years we have created thousands of press releases and participated in 100's of radio shows and press conferences. Even TV. 

Networking and Meetups

Your business might benefit from belonging to networking groups, businesses referral groups, or even staring your own Meetup. We've done, and with huge success.